MHB Motorcycles is now the UK depot for parts for all of the AJP models.
We carry the popular ones in stock and can order the rest direct from the factory. 
Simply click on the image below to find your AJP Parts Manual and / or Spares List .

Once you have identified what you need, then email us with your order  including the part number at, alternatively, you can call us on 017683 71070 to discuss what you need.

NOTE: We will need the following information to order parts;

Bike Model, Bike, Year, Bike VIN Number & Bike Registration

Please note: Payment in full must be made prior to delivery. 

To order your spares quickly, please provide the details below

Bike Model, Bike Year, Bike VIN Number & Bike Registration 

Further Info:
AJP Portugal have, over the years, used parts from different suppliers to manufacture their bikes, so to find the correct part for your bike we need the above information. Without it, delays will be unavoidable.

We try to place parts orders every week with AJP Portugal. These parts then take 12 days to get sourced, picked and transported back to the UK, we then check them and send them out to our customers. Please allow for this in your timescales. Any incorrect information will increase these timescales.

For customers who are running older bikes, we are here to help, but please also help us by having info to hand. We are not as familiar with the older bikes at the moment that were sold by past importers and dealers, but we intend to help as best we can as we believe everyone should be enjoying their AJP produces. Work with us and we will always try our best to sort things out with you.

In some cases, we recommend you to use the parts book, you will see that some items like bolts, washers, seals etc etc are listed with sizes and with this information simple parts can be sourced locally and at a much cheaper cost. Also wheel bearings and fork seals are also sized so again parts can be sourced quicker and cheaper here in the UK. Any shipping adds costs and time to the process. A bolt that costs 0.60p in your local store may cost £10 if ordered direct from the factory!

With regards to technical and warranty questions, we will try and assist. On a new bike purchase you should return to your supplying dealer with any warranty or technical questions at first instance. Your Local dealer is responsible for your warranty so if you buy from Devon and live in Scotland you may have some travelling to do !

MHB Motorcycles and myself ( Martin Bell ) are here to help. Our goal is to grow with AJP UK and offer excellent support. We believe in the AJP product, it fills a void in the trail market and does the job without breaking the bank.


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