Oset have been making electric trials bikes since 2004 by Ian Smith, they are now one of the best producers of these types of two wheeled machines in the world!

MHB Motorcycles is proud to work with Oset a a dealer. Feel free to come and have a look at what we have in stock anytime. Tel: 0176832 71070

Oset 12.5 Eco & Racing – Age 3-5

£989.00 – The OSET 12.5 Eco It is the perfect beginner motorcycle for children who have never ridden before, and can grow with the child as they venture into more challenging riding terrain. The ‘Eco’ version is sister to the 12.5 Racing model. It is simple, sturdy, adjustable and easy to manage for riders from 3-5. The Eco utilises a component set suited to new riders and is offered at a lower price than the Racing version. This starter dirt bike has been created to get children off to the best possible start through developing their bike skills and confidence.

The 12.5 Eco features a full coverage chain guard, padded chin guard and custom foot pegs for little feet and first-rate reliability. Cost of ownership is very low, and re-sale value very high and being electric there are no hot parts and it is virtually silent meaning it can be used everyday!


£1,149.00 – The OSET 12.5 Racing is a high specification electric motorcycle for the littlest riders and is the perfect beginner bike growing with your little rider as they venture into more challenging riding terrain.

This bike is designed to get children off to the best possible start through developing their bike skills and confidence and not surprisingly is regarded as the best starter motorcycle in the world for kids aged 3 – 5 and has been the ‘first bike’ for tens of thousands of kids all around the world.

No hot parts, very little maintenance and no petrol needed
Virtually silent so can be used in many places petrol bikes cannot
Designed with a complete focus on safety, skills development and of course fun
Use them everyday in your back garden! 

£1,769.00 – The OSET 16.0 Racing was a revelation on its introduction, and to this day is the bike of choice for parents and riders taking part in their first trial events and OSET Cup competitions. From the tires to the handlebars the bike is covered in custom parts designed by OSET specifically to suit young riders and to create a bike that is functional, ergonomically correct, and able to grow with the rider.

The 16.0 Racing is quite simply the best beginner bike for kids to learn and improve their motorbike skills and being electric they have no hot parts, require no petrol, produce no fumes and are virtually silent, meaning riders can use them everyday in places other bikes cannot go and it’s no coincidence that used OSETs retain an exceptionally high resale value. These machines are built to last.

Oset 20.0 Lite, Eco & Racing

Oset 20.0 Lite: £1,959.00

It features similar ergonomics to the OSET 16.0, but with bigger wheels that make conquering obstacles a little easier.

The 20.0 Lite uses the OSET 20.0 48v motor running at 36v for gentler power. The air/spring fork and coil spring shock are adjustable for both compression and rebound. OSET custom pegs & hubs, hydraulic disc brakes & OSET bars and grips finish a very complete package.

The 20.0 Lite weighs in at only 2kg heavier than the 16.0, and over 5kg LESS than the 20.0 – proportionally this is huge for growing riders! Rider weight limit: 90lbs / 41kg

Oset 20.0 Eco: £2,099.00

As video’s such as ‘Storm the Embassy’ attest, this machine is incredibly robust and capable.

The 20.0 Eco combines phenomenal power with light weight and agility, allowing riders to really throw the machine around. Hydraulic disc brakes, alloy bars, stem & footpegs are all standard. Front and rear suspension are high quality adjustable units, just like the 20.0 Racing. Rider Weight Limit: 100lbs /45.5KG

Oset 20.0 Racing: £2,379.00

he 20.0 Racing is the machine of choice for riders interested in competing & ultimate performance and is often the bike that riders and parents choose to enter the world of trial competitions. The power and response can be adjusted for any riding style, while the fully adjustable suspension can be set up to suit rider weights and preferences – this bike is loved by kids and adults alike for its sheer versatility and fun.

The OSET 20.0R is recognised globally as one of the best beginner dirt / trial bikes for children to learn and improve their motorbike skills.

Being electric they have no hot parts, require no petrol, produce no fumes and are virtually silent, meaning riders can use them everyday in places other bikes cannot go. Rider weight limit: 100lbs / 45.5kg


Oset 24.0 Racing (Youth & Adult) £3,399.00

This is the ultimate versatile machine and appeals to a vast range of ages and riding interests. From youth and adult trials riders, mountain bikers, and parents following their youngsters to a pit bike, dirt bike and a back garden training machine. This bike suits so many and offers the maximum entertainment value. The bike comes ready for youth or adult riders. The fitted springs are for younger/lighter riders, while ‘in the box’ comes heavier springs for adults. All riders are catered for!

The 24.0R has spent a lot of time in the hands of a team of adult expert riders including,  Oliver Smith, Chris Northover, Pat Smage and Jack Field – all pro  riders with tens of millions of YouTube views between them.

In the hands of Elliot Smith, the 24.0R won the 2019 National Youth Championship in the 10-12 division against 80cc petrol machines.

These are very advanced riders pulling some big moves! At the same time, the adjustability allows the bike to be used in more gentle situations, with learner riders taking their first steps into the world of electric motorcycles. Rider weight limit: 61kg with standard spring, 90Kg with harder spring.

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